If Your Training Isn't Dynamic;

It Is Dated


For A Rapidly Changing World


The world is changing fast, too fast for your employees and potential employees to keep up. While at the same time replacing or adding new employees is getting harder and more expensive. Although there are no easy answers, having a dynamic cost-effective multipurpose platform can go a long way. At Relax Education we provide the tools and if needed the talent, to help your organization gain a competitive advantage. Stop wasting valuable time and critical resources searching for people who simply don't exist.

Instead develop timely simple yet practical training tools to lessen the impact of turnover. We make it easy and we would love to show you how. Click here to experience a sample course.

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Our Areas of Focus

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Flexible Platform

Our platform is so simple to use even an intern can develop your Programs. The Key to keeping it affordable is not using a standalone Learning Management System. Instead it is part of your BizonaCRM. Thus your training tools can be in the same tools that your employees use everyday to run your business. .

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Dynamic Content

Although fundamentally how your company does it's business may not change, the training details often do. That is why we focus on simple to create easy to swap out video content. Our evergreen framework combined with short pointed videos assures your trainings will be relevant, impactful and best of all simple to maintain.

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Validated Retention

Providing training content is meaning less if your employees don't retain what they learn. Our combination testing and certifications helps to motivate your employees focus during the trainings, but it is our practical training design that allows every course to remain a quick reference guide long after certification.

Creating Cost-Effective Training Course

Single point of contact to understand your business

Dynamic Platform

An icon needs to be visually distinctive. The most popular icons are the ones that convey the meaning with simplicity and clarity, capturing the essence of what a product or service does in one quick glance.

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Video Content

There are very few companies that have the power to be instantly recognizable just by an icon or symbol. Therefore, including your brand name in your logo makes it easier for people to remember you.

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Written Instructions

Payroll Services are provided by Relax Tax utilizing the Gusto HR Platform. Your Relax Tax professional assures that your team gets the most out of Gusto which is so much more then just a payroll service. Gust is our full HR Platform.

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Visual Designs

Ever wonder why your profile picture looks off on some social networks? That's because the size requirements for each social network are a little different than the others. If you don't resize your image appropriately, it will look stretched, pixelated, or distorted on some sites.

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Student Testing

A business card is more than a piece of paper with your name and title on it.

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View all your social accounts' analytics without switching platforms. Analyze the engagement metrics across all platforms in one place. Trace likes, comments, shares, and clicks back to the posts that created that data. And track your growth in followers as you implement new posts & strategies.

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